What makes the iPhone X special?

iPhone X is the latest thing - but is it worth it?

Everyone is talking about the hard to get iPhone X, but few regular people are really reviewing it. I received my iPhone a few days ago and I've had a chance to get to know it. Here's some of my initial thoughts.


First off, this is a seriously expensive bit of hardware, so it better seriously wow me. I've spent less than this on a laptop!

I know why I decided to splurge on the iPhone X - it's a part of my business as a futurist to know what the latest technology is. This especially includes Augmented Reality (AR), which Apple is strongly pushing with iOS 11 and especially with the iPhone X. I'll do a separate Happy Hour on AR, but for this review, I wanted to look at the day-to-day experience of owning the new iPhone. 

Sierra Modro

Meet technology futurist and keynote speaker Sierra Modro. ​She helped engineer the first Pentium processor motherboards, the screen technology on your Kindle device and the software that powers the streaming music in your home. When you want to know how tomorrow’s tech will impact your business, call Sierra. She makes tech savvy simple.

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