Q&A – Staying current with technology through play

Do you play with technology? Or curse it?

One of the most common questions I get is asking how I manage to stay current with technology. It changes so quickly! While I could rattle off a list of resources I use, I think it comes down more to playful curiosity. 


What is your mindset when you approach technology? Have you been known to say naughty words to your laptop? Tsk, tsk! Seriously, though, the way you think about tech can have an effect. Imagine this: you run into a small problem doing a task. Do you blame the computer, get frustrated, and generally into a bad frame of mind? Or do you see it as a natural part of growth and learning?

In many other areas of our lives, we are taught to expect occasional failure and learn from it. When it comes to tech, we expect to be perfect every time. It just doesn't work that way! 

I invite you to come and play with me. Play with the tech, just like kids do. You'll learn more and have a LOT more fun!

Sierra Modro

Meet technology futurist and keynote speaker Sierra Modro. ​She helped engineer the first Pentium processor motherboards, the screen technology on your Kindle device and the software that powers the streaming music in your home. When you want to know how tomorrow’s tech will impact your business, call Sierra. She makes tech savvy simple.

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