Let Expensify simplify your expense tracking

Expensify will make you AND your accountant happy!

It's Tax Season again, which for many small businesses means a shoebox full of receipts. This time last year, I decided to make my life (and my accountant's too!) a whole lot simpler. I invested in Expensify


Now, 12 months later, I'm reaping the rewards. No tax season worries for me! I have all of my expenses neatly categorized. My accountant will be so proud! Even better, it that is was WAY less effort than any other expense solution I've used.

  • If I get a receipt in email, I forward the email to the Expensify Receipt Forwarder. The SmartScan feature will automatically pull out the vendor, date, amount, and even categorize the expense, automatically! 
  • If I'm at a restaurant or get a paper receipt of any kind, I can take a picture of the receipt using the Expensify app and it will also SmartScan the receipt for me. Magic.
  • In those rare cases where I have an expense without a receipt, like a taxi, I can enter the expense into the iPhone or Android app and get it tracked immediately. No missing expenses.

Once all of my expenses are tracked, I can sync with Quickbooks, Xero, or other accounting apps, or export to Excel for manual accounting. Your choice. 

You can sign up for free with no credit card and get a free trial. At only $5 per user per month, it's a great deal. I'm one happy user.

I am in no way affiliated with Expensify. Just a happy user!

Sierra Modro

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