Best Selfie Stick Monopod Combination

Fugetek and Pergear are the combo to get

It is possible to get a durable, high quality selfie stick. Tack on a small tripod and you have a monopod type solution for your smartphone. Instant studio!


The best I've found is the Fugetek FT-568 professional high end alloy selfie stick with bluetooth remote combined with the upgraded Pergear aluminum mini tripod. At about $25 on Amazon, this combo is durable and versatile.

The Fugetek selfie stick extends up to 49 inches long. That is a seriously long selfie stick! You can get true wide angle photos with that. It also means that, by attaching a small, folding tripod, you have a capable, portable monopod to shoot video anywhere you want. The Fugetek also comes with multiple attachments, so you can attach your smartphone, GoPro, or digital camera easily. The included Bluetooth remote makes it easy to snap pictures while in selfie mode. The Pergear tripod folds into an easy to hold cylinder, so you can even use it to extend the reach of your selfie stick by a few more inches. 

I use this combination to shoot the videos for The Tech Happy Hour, and I know that I can take it with me to locations around the world without any worries. Just what one needs from a selfie stick monopod combination!

I bought both pieces on Amazon. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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