Avoid email overload with these 4 apps

Email falls like snow in December

'Tis the season... for overflowing email Inboxes. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and seasonally crazed online retailers, clearing my Inbox feels like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Luckily, I have some tools up my sleeve to make it easier.


These four tools help me to stay on top of the inflow and keep my sanity.

  1. Unroll.me - a standard application many people use to create a daily or weekly digest of all of the incoming newsletters, invitations, etc. It's free and fully configurable.
  2. Sanebox - Smart filtering of your mail into categories so you can focus on the important ones immediately. Sanebox moves unimportant email into a SaneLater folder.
  3. Boomerang - While Boomerang does help with mail filtering, it does so much more too. Send mails later, get follow up reminders, read receipts, and snooze messages to a time or a location... and it's now available for mobile too!
  4. Trove - Although currently Gmail only, Trove uses artificial intelligence to determine what email you probably want to read and what is unimportant. It then let's you bulk delete unnecessary mail in a single swipe. 

While I strive for the mythical Inbox Zero, most people are content with a few unread messages. Is the holiday deluge is too much for you? How do you cope with the barrage of new email during the holiday season?

Sierra Modro

Meet technology futurist and keynote speaker Sierra Modro. ​She helped engineer the first Pentium processor motherboards, the screen technology on your Kindle device and the software that powers the streaming music in your home. When you want to know how tomorrow’s tech will impact your business, call Sierra. She makes tech savvy simple.

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